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Current Threats Page

Latest Viruses & Malware

* Apple Mac Guard
*Windows Safety Module
* Windows High-End Protection
* Windows Recovery Series
* Windows Safety Checkpoint
* Windows Premium Guard
* Windows Efficiency Accelerator
* Windows Performance Adviser
* Windows Pro Rescuer
* Windows Safety Toolkit
* Windows Antivirus Care
*iSecurity Windows
Threat Descriptions

* Ransomware
* Rogue Programs & Scareware
* Rootkits
* Trojan Horses
* Worms
* Bots
Alert!  Have a problem and would like to ask us for help?
Call ABC RENT A GEEK at (435) 628-0951
St George Utah Computer Repair and Service

Stop!  If you have popups or other Malware infecting your computer, turn
off your computer and call us right away.  Leaving it on or trying to fix it
without professional help could result in a total loss!
ABC Rent A Geek of St George, UT provides computer repair service to St George / surrounding areas.

ABC Rent A Geek serving Saint George, Utah along with our parent company ROCKWELL for 25 years.

Call (435) 628-0951 for any computer repair and service needs if you live in St George, Sun River community, Santa Clara,
Hurricane, Washington, Ivins, Springdale and even Mesquite.